"Tokyo today." That's what I wanted to depict in my first photography book.
Tokyo is one of the peculiar cities in Japan. As many foreign people who visit Japan mention that they see pornography whenever they walk around the street of Tokyo, there are all levels of eroticism everywhere in their lives. Why? Unconsciously, I began to think about the reasons.
It is being said that the sex industry is increasingly fragmented these days. Niche and eccentric services which can never be understood by people except for those who have exactly the same taste are emerging one after another. All services seem to be popular to some extent.
One of the reasons for this fragmentation is that services involving "actual sexual activity" are prohibited by Japanese law. Meanwhile, I would like to also point out that Japanese people have unique sexual perversions that they react only to a very small area in a rich variety of sexual tastes for their own enjoyment.

Their unique sexual tastes cannot be explained by simply answering questions with yes, no or neither, nor classifying into black, white or even gray.
As a Japanese, I really feel that there is a vast and vague gray area in between two extremes. While living in this amazingly deep and large gray area, Japanese people have created unique culture and services.
With the increase of fragmented services in the sex industry, people have started to enjoy sexual excitement that can be felt only at a certain point in an unlimited gradation of gray area. They started to feel pleasure not physically but in their brain. Japanese men may have a special power to enjoy and enhance this kind of pleasure in their brain somehow.
Possibly, because of their delicate character that they stick to a subtle difference in the gray gradation, they might have such unique sexual perversions.

The ever-changing scenes of Tokyo and delicate Japanese men ? They are also one of the faces of Tokyo.

Shoda Masahiro

"To archive things that will change and things that exist only there – photos make it possible, and that's why I am fascinated by photography."
Said Shoda Masahiro, a photographer born in 1977 in Tochigi Prefecture. After graduating from the Department of Design of Tokyo Zokei University and working as an assistant at a studio and for Higashi Ishida, Shoda moved to New York to start his career as a photographer. During his stay in New York for 3 years, he began to think that portrait photography is the field he should pursue. While shooting portraits of people he encountered in the world's most exciting city during his first stay abroad with an antique large format camera and 4 x 5 films, he enhanced his creativity as a photographer. In 2008, Shoda won the Gold Award in the Self-Portrait category of IPA (International Photography Award) and was introduced as one of the most remarkable young artists in ‘IAAN vol.2,' a contemporary art photography magazine co-published by a Korean publisher IANN Books and a Japanese publisher Foil. After returning to Japan in the following year, he expanded his field of activities to the publishing and advertising industries and continued to create photography works. In addition to this series depicting the portraits of Japanese men and landscape of Tokyo, Shoda contributes a portrait series called "Shoda Masahiro Shashin Gekijyo" to a magazine, kettle, (Ohta Publishing Co.), developing the plan and proposal by himself including the selection of people and situations, and capturing the individuality unique to each well-known celebrity such as entertainers, artists, actresses and newscasters in a well-composed photo. Furthermore, he is working on a series to take photos of NHK(Japan Broad Casting Corporation)'s studio sets over a long period of time.

The city says that it is possible for all processes to be exact, gently precise, organized into categories and systems that will ultimately liberate you? if you follow the rules.
- From Prologue by Roland Kelts -
Author Shoda Masahiro
Publisher M+W Co., Ltd.
First published in October 2016
Preface Roland Kelts
Hardcover 128 pages, Bilingual (EN & JP)
Product Dimensions W285mm x H248mm
Price JPY5,000+TAX
ISBN-13 978-4-9909141-0-3

We are pleased to announce that Shoda Masahiro has published his first photography book titled "DELICACY." As a photographer who is active in the publishing and advertising industries, Shoda has developed his career from the beginning, setting "portrait" as his theme and pursuing people and what lies behind them by using various approaches. Shoda selected Tokyo as the theme for his first photography book. Before taking the photographs, he made a request to men aged between 18 and 79 having different occupations: "Please bring underwear you like (in a sexual sense)." While many brought newly purchased women's underwear, there were some brave souls who came to the studio with his girlfriend or brought men's underwear. With a variety of underwear in different colors, Shoda took their portraits by asking them to freely wear it on their head and stand seriously in front of the blue background. On the opposite page of the portraits, there are photos of various scenes in Tokyo taken with a large format camera, including newly constructed roads, red-light areas that appear and disappear again and again, and new residential areas. These are obscene and somewhat lonely scenes in the ever-changing city of Tokyo. A man wearing underwear on his head and a landscape - It may be a very odd combination, but he believes that it reflects the truth of what Tokyo is. Shoda has been interested in the fact that there is an extremely niche sex business in Tokyo. When he faced the fact, he came up with the idea of taking the portraits of men wearing underwear on their head. The number of variations in underwear's colors and shapes represents the number of their sexual tastes. The variations of underwear and fetishism behind them are translated into the eccentric sex businesses by Japanese men having a delicate spirit of service. Consequently, their desire becomes even bolder and more eccentric… As you flip over the pages and look at the photographs, you will increase your knowledge and develop your imagination. Although it lacks delicacy at a glance, you will find that it is a very delicate collection of photography.